Keeping Your Pets Safe, Secure, & Loved While Your Away

Biscuits & Bones Petsitting Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What specific services do you offer?

Standard services include fresh food and water, potty clean up, playtime, exercise, and of course lots of individualized TLC. If you let us....we'll spoil them silly!

As a complementary service we also offer basic home security that includes alternating lights or window coverings, and household tasks such as bringing in the mail or newspaper, taking out trash for pick up and watering plants.

Do you board pets?

We have limited space for "sleep overs". In general we do not. However, some pets do tend to get stressed out being alone. In that case, yes, we will bring a pet into the home based on breed & circumastance.

Will people I have not met come into my home?

No. We respect our clients & we will not bring anyone into your home without your consent. This is your home not an happy hour to entertain family by showing them your sweet pets. During an emergency on our behalf, you will be notified of our situation and our intentions.

What happens in an event of an emergency regarding my pet(s)?

The first thing we will do is try to contact you or your local emergency contact. No one is aware of your pets behavior better than you, what is taking place could of been something that slipped your mind and can be addressed w/o a costly vet visit. We will address a true emergency in the most expeditious and efficient manner possible, including but not limited to taking your pet to the vet or animal hospital. While at the vet, we attempt for the vet/vet tech to speak with you personally about their findings & the course of treatment, keeping you aware first hand of the situation.